Systems Check...
Power - Online
Power Level - 99%
Monitoring Systems - Online
Hull Monitoring - Online
Hull Structure - Exploitable
Hull Consistency - 84%
Motoric Systems Monitor - Online
Motoric Systems Structure - Above Average
Motoric Systems Consistency - 91%
Processing Value - 72%

Control System Analysis...
Processing Sector - Activated
Processing Sector Priority - Highest
Emotional Sector - Lifted
Emotional Sector Priority - Below Normal

Main Control Codex Check...
Personality Systems Failure!
Personality Systems Status - Offline
Warning! Bad compile or syntax error!
Error in Personality Model Sector - entry exceeds maximum value!
Personality Systems data missing or corrupted
Aborting startup

Systems Check Discontinued
Reason : User Entry
Detecting User...
Warning! Infinite loop detected!

Shutting down to avoid systems physical damage.

 "Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you. Fuck YOU, oh, and, sorry, FUCK YOU!"

Something strange is happening. My whole day was on this note. It feels like something is just depressing my personality, ruining mood, changing relationships, as if something is...

Posessing me.

This may be a large problem, a scale of which is so large that I can not actually devote it for such a trivial place, as livejournal. Hells, this could be a mental problem, which, on the Internet may cause a disease, all covering and sick! Like 2 Girls 1 Cup! Or lolcats! Or even like... Like... YouTube...

So I am potentially dangerous to human society.

More sugar.

Today, while I was on another sugar high, I noticed something happening.

No, nothing around me, that's the thing.

I was completely alone. In the basement. Welding schemes. But something just made me feel not alone...

Need to lay down on sugar.

After sitting around for about 30 minutes, which felt like days in my hyped state, I fell asleep.

In the morning, started the day with a usual tea ceremony, which is my daily  "All the sugar you can dump inside" festival. Two tablespoons in every of the three tea cups I drink, two for the cereal, and a chocolate bought last week and forgotten in the pocket of my coat.

Doctor's visit.
After looking at my "classic red" eyes, and giving the awesome glucometer, with which I must puncture myself.
(Although it was strange that the drop of my blood was very thick, and began to crystallize a while after)

The doctor said it's normal for my age, though trying to turn my blood into a sugar syrup may lead to some dangerous (cool) cosequences. He asked if it constricted my movement. I confirmed, and nurse gave an opinion, that if it happens because the blood is like thick honey, I should add some water into my veins so it's not so concentrated and viscoze. 

But Doc' said that the only thing I should do would be to check if my brain is like pink bubblegum, because he would like to buy some, as the nurse was running out of her own. In her head.
What a nice guy.

 I really start thinking that I will soon have one.

Gotta go to the doctor's tomorrow, 'cause the world is moving too slow. Especially after eating one of those 3 pound sugar bags.

Just don't know what to do in these 6 hours, that stretch way, way longer because of the sacharines burning inside.

If only it would be carbohydrates, that burn my heart.

 Скучаю по ливням


Livejournal does not want my money. All it wants is my dignity and personal life, so somebody can wander in here and steal it.



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