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Writer's Block: Put it all together, it spells Mother
What's the most important lesson your mom taught you?

"Go play somewhere else"

Sugar does not affect me no more.

Increasing dosages gives no good, man the breaks get to me. Sugar's process frequency increasing effect is puny and does not stack after amounts exceeding 75 grams.

It does not give the needed efficiency to uncover wisdom I seek.

Time to carry on to caffeine.

 It's harsh to understand that all that I know is nothing, and I had deluded myself with fake wisdom. I know nothing about people, know nothing about the world, nothing about science.

Even the things that I have studied turned out to be wrong - it was merely like glass which shined like diamond for me, until I saw the real thing and ruined my world down to the ground.

Huge forests of possibilities burned in hellish unforgiving flames.

Plans, like gargantuan structures, sabotaged worse than 9/11.

Skyscrapers of ambitions broken on their base.

Rivers of energy polluted, halted and dried out.
Dreams populating my mind infected, and deemed to a slow decay in pillars of light from the cruel radioactive sun...
Answer is one - I must get back to sugar.

 Too bad I'm not the last boy on Earth.
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Sometimes these phermones are like alcohol. "Sometimes" because you don't always get a hangover from alcohol. In case of feelings - you will. Even if a long time passes, even if you get lobotomized, even if a world freaking explodes, don't worry - feelings will get you. And when they do, the 

As they do now. Such a strong morning hitter, compared to an overdose of H1-blockators. You want to puke - with what? You haven't eaten for three days, because you can't chew food as your jaw is still dropped from unknown stupor. 
Like heroin after withdrawal. If you survive long enough to set yourself free of it's ties, you must never return, as the most smallest dose will send you off the handle. Just like feelings.

Maybe if I just block DLS access...

 Trying to destroy and localize Arvuti virus caused the Interwebs to crash upon me. For many days.

But now I have proof that sticking an internet cable to your head with sugar syrup won't get it back.

 Localizing complete!

It's time to destroy it!

Stop the addiction to anything left! May it be psychological addiction, chemicals and what not - all must go away!

I need sugar....


In whole house... Not even a crystal of sugar... Not a molecule of sacharine... 

My lips are cracking as it does not cover them in its warm and sticky sweetness... Every move I make is gnarled and awkward - where are the viscose, gorgeous and relaxed dances?
Mind is so slow... I cannot think... Speak... Ideas... Are all hidden behind choking smoke and blinding ash...

Localizing Malfunctioning Sector...
Malfunction Status - Contained

I got you now, little fuck...


I think I might be mile deep in shit...


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